How to Negotiate with Your Real Estate Agent’s Fees

Real estate agents get their income from their sales commissions. As a working individual, an agent wants to get the best deal when selling a property so that he can receive a better income. He wants to make sure that his hard work and dedication to the job is well-compensated. Who doesn’t think that way anyway? 

Many agents are open to discussing with his clients about his sales commission. There are times when a client feels that the agent did not do as much as he should. The client can also ask for a negotiation if he is the one who brings the buyer to the table, not the agent. No matter what the situation is, there is an unwritten role that agent’s commissions are negotiable. 

Before you can negotiate for a commission, know how they are being paid first so that you will avoid leaving them underpaid. The commission that the agent receives is being split between him and the broker. The percentage that each party receives depends on their contract agreement.  Traditionally, agents who close 100 sales a year get a higher percentage of the split than agents who only have one sale in every two months. 

If you don’t like to ask your agent up front, you can call the brokerage where he works and finds out what his annual average sales is. Also, inquire about the commission split policy of the firm. Based on their response, you can draw a conclusion on what is the fair pay for your agent. If he is only starting and not having a lot of sales, plus his performance is good, be considerate and leave the commission agreement as is. 

Another thing to consider when haggling for his commission is what type of agent is he. Is he a full-time, part-time, veteran, listing agent, neighborhood specialist, brand-new agent, or any other type of specialization. Sometimes, you need to consider his affiliation, reputation, and line of expertise when trying to bargain for his payment. If you hired a top-notch realtor who received many distinctions for his job, it is quite insulting for his stature to accept something lower than what he is accustomed to getting for his service. 

Not all agents are charging the same for different clients. Their commission is based on several factors including the market value of your homes for sale hidden hills, marketing techniques, neighborhood expertise, and level of service. Overall, agents deserve to get what they are worth.